About McKay & Poulton Ltd

McKay & Poulton Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Registration Reference 544887)

We provide reinsurance facilities and related programmes for commercial risks and market facilities as well as risk advisory services and alternative risk transfer methods.

We concentrate on all aspects of risk transfer and risk financing where our specialist knowledge and experience will add value to our clients. Because we combine creative and competitive solutions with fine attention to detail our clients regard us as trusted advisers and their business partners, not simply as trading brokers.

We understand the importance of maintaining the relationships with the widest range of quality insurers, reinsurers and other solution providers worldwide.

Ultimately, we are a business, that thrives on personal relationships and our primary concern is our clients. We are fortunate in being able to offer a working environment and a culture that is conducive both to creativity and to highest professional standards.

Lloyd’s Building

12 Leadenhall Street
London, EC3V 1LP
Phone: +44 20 32391392
e-mail: info@mckay-poulton.co.uk